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Ornithology hikes

OrnitologiaThe Sierra de Guadarrama provides excellent birds observation opportunities, including large birds of prey such as the black vulture or the Spanish imperial eagle, as well as many forest bird species living in these mountains woods.

It is, without doubt, the most easily observable animal group, and this specially if we walk softly and we do not betray our presence. Binoculars would help our work of observation. At certain times their singing will accompany us all the way.

We suggest one of many hikes which will let you enjoy birds, through one of the sierra pine groves. 

Should you want to get more information on other hikes in the Community of Madrid, please look You can also refer to the website of National Parks Agency (Organismo Autónomo Parques Nacionales) or the one from National Centre for Environmental Education (Centro Nacional de Educación Ambiental), to get information on Mounts of Valsaín hikes.

Ortiz trail

This loop trail starts and ends at the parking lot next to the hotel la Barranca. To start, you must take the Barranca forest track in North direction. You will leave to your right the reservoirs of Navacerrada village and the one named “de el Ejército del Aire”. Then you will leave to your right La Barranca recreation area, which is also referred to as the Parque de las Vueltas.

Forest track reaches a trail which deviate to the right and give access to the fountain of la Campanilla. From this point, you can follow a trail taking you to the Piornal col (collado del Piornal) and then to the Maliciosa Peak. This section is not part of Ortiz trail.

You must stay at the forest track and climb to reach its summit, at La Barranca viewpoint (Mirador de la Barranca). This is a vantage point from which you will enjoy an impressive view on the surrounding area.

To begin the descent, you must take the forest track. When you will reach the second sharp bend, take the narrower trail to the left, deviating in North-East direction. You must follow it until you will reach the same forest track where the trail began, and then, taking to the right you will get back to the start, passing again by the Parque de las Vueltas.

Difficulty: Low
Time of year: All
Start: Hotel "La Barranca".
End: Hotel "La Barranca".
Waymarking: No
Time to walk: 2 h 30 min
Distance: 9,9 Km
Summit: 1,754 m
Lower altitude: 1.384 m
Recommendations: it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, that should also be appropriate to the weather and soil conditions. Park your vehicle in the parking lot. The itinerary travels a protected space. Please be particularly respectful.

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×* There is no translation available.* La Sierra de Guadarrama, y especialmente La Pedriza, es una de las escuelas y zonas de escalada más importantes del país.

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