Ctra. M-604, Km 42. Puerto de los Cotos.
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

CV penalara

The Peñalara Visitors Center is located at Los Cotos Pass (Puerto de Los Cotos), at the Peñalara Massif entrance.

The Visitors Center has a desk and a meeting room where information, recommendations and special advisories on how to visit the Park are given. Control, attention and visitors management tasks are also made. The meeting room has also available two video projection facilities, where are shown the high natural and cultural values of Peñalara and the National Park, and are promoted the tourist sights of that zone.

In addition to that dynamic exposure, the Visitors Center has other main functions:

- Active information and control center for the visitors.

- Maintenance and surveillance services administrative tasks.

- Coordination center of the Oteruelo Office and National Park staff

There is also available a small room with audiovisual facilities where it is now possible to enjoy an audio itinerary through the main habitats of El Paular valley.

There are as well in the building additional areas designated to lodge: a research laboratory; the maintenance and surveillance services operations base, a garage for the cross-country trail treatment and maintenance equipment, facilities maintenance workshops, health and hygiene services and warehouses.

The close hygiene services building has one of the toilet facilities adapted for disabled people.

The Maintenance and Surveillance Service attends the information and guiding Park visitors requests, ensure compliance with the Park regulations and undertake small maintenance and conservation tasks. It is composed by a 10 people staff, experts in high-mountain and knowledgeable of the winter progression techniques. That experience is highly valuable for the Management due to the frequent extreme weather conditions that occur in the National Park.


Folleto sobre el Centro de Visitantes Peñalara e información complementaria del Parque Nacional


How to get there

The Visitors Center is located in the Rascafria municipal area, at Los Cotos Pass (Puerto de Los Cotos), M-604 road.


  • From the A-1 motorway (Autovía del Norte Madrid-Burgos), take the 69 exit to the M-604 road direction Rascafría-Lozoya. At Rascafría continue on the same road up to Puerto de los Cotos, at the Segovia province border.
  • From the AP-6 motorway (Autovía del noroeste Madrid-La Coruña), take the 35 exit to the M-601 road direction Collado Villalba-Puerto de Navacerrada. At Puerto de Navacerrada take the SG-615 road up to Puerto de Los Cotos.
  • From the M-607 motorway (Autovía de Colmenar, Madrid-Colmenar Viejo-Navacerrada) take the 35 exit to the M-607 road direction Cerceda and Navacerrada. On the 58 km of the M-607, take the detour M-601 climbing the pass up to Puerto de Navacerrada, then the SG-615 road up to Puerto de Los Cotos.

On public transportation:

  • Bus 691.
  • C8 Commuter train (Tren de Cercanías) to Cercedilla

  • C9 Commuter train (Tren de Cercanías) to Navacerrada and Cotos

Customer Service hours

Winter (November - March): from 8:00 to 18:00

Summer (April - October): from 8:00 to 21:00