Sportive Events Regulations Criteria

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The sportive events demand evolution in the Sierra de Guadarrama and especially in the National Park, has grown significantly in the last years. That is why The Management Administrations have considered necessary to agree a regulations framework previous to the one which will be established at the Usage and Management Master Plan (PRUG).

In order to encourage sports in a way compatible with the National Park conservation and visit quality, and in accordance with the current legislation, the Natural Parks Law, the National Parks Master Plan and the Natural Resources Ordination Plans, the following considerations are made:


1. Commitment with the Visitors

The Sierra de Guadarrama National Park aim is the visitor enjoyment based on the Park values, in a compatible way with its preservation. According with that premise, the hiking and contemplation activities will be encouraged and a priority, offering areas to appreciate solitude and the natural environment integrity. In that sense, cultural, esthetic, educational and scientific values will be especially attended, giving them priority versus the purely touristic or recreational.

2. Commitment with preservation

The space usage intensity will be adapted to its reception capacity. If necessary, other additional services out of the National Park will be established.

Any activity not specifically regulated in the Master Plan or in any of the applicable legislations, and requiring a written authorization of the Administration to be made, will be considered extraordinary.

Any extraordinary activity could not be authorized, if it contradicts the Park regulations, detracts from its values or aims, presents a high risk of generating personal injuries or damages to the property, and adversely affects the normal behavior of the Park and the resources protection and its usage by the visitors.

In all the cases, a payment fee might be demandable by the Park Management to celebrate the activity, being the Administration able to fix the tariffs which will cover at least the generated expenses related to the authorization granting and the authorized activities monitoring.

To obtain an authorization for any extraordinary activity it will be mandatory to present a guarantee bond or an insurance contract subscription by the activity promoter.

3. Sportive Events Regulations

To authorize a sportive event, the following criteria have to be met:

1. The trail and the schedule (celebration date and timetable) must be designed in a way not affecting significantly the protection values which were the driver of the National Park pronouncement, and as well fulfilling the current legislation. In that sense, the Management Administrations will contrast the proposed trail with the space fragility maps, taking into account factors such as: erosion, priority habitats presence, protected species breeding or feeding areas, reserve or micro-reserve areas, intense recreational usage areas and any other which will be considered appropriate, being all of them related to the different year seasons and day timing. In any case, a general prohibition for the races out of road networks is established. In the particular case of a traditional event running through any stretch out of the existing paths or roads and compatible with the preservation, the possibility and convenience to include it in the permanent itineraries of the Park paths network, could be exceptionally studied.

2. The event project must contemplate explicitly natural space preservation additional measures, granting the imperceptible impact of the activity in the natural space. As well, awareness and consciousness measures will be undertaken for the participants.

3. On a yearly basis the National Park will establish a schedule where will be clearly stated the dates which sportive events will not be celebrated due to incompatible usages with the peak visitors inflow. In addition to the previous statement, there are special dates in every year considered as booked, when it will not be possible to celebrate any sportive event: in Easter, from Holy Thursday to Easter Monday; in May, the Labor Day- Community Day and the San Isidro long weekends; in October El Pilar long weekend; and depending on the year calendar other dates might be declared as well as incompatible.

4. In all the cases it will not be possible to celebrate more than one sportive event in the same date in each one of the slopes, the Segovian and the Madrilenian, within the National Park territory. In the case the event will take more than one day, just one event will be authorized during that weekend.

5. In order to elaborate a yearly schedule for sportive events in the National Park, the applicants must present a descriptive memory of the event, including all the necessary information for its analysis, before November 30 of the previous year. After the reception of all the applications documents, the National Park will study them and will determine a sportive events schedule for the whole year. In any case, the application for any sportive event, after the yearly schedule elaboration established deadline, must be made with a minimal of one month term before the appropriate Management Administrations, fulfilling all the requirements and always if there is availability in the schedule dates.

6. The schedule will be fulfilled in a first instance with the official competitions of the different Sportive Federations. Afterwards will be incorporated the traditional strength competitions, then the events made the previous years, considering its celebration dates, and in the last place the new competitions or races until the space capacity is completed.

7. Regarding the maximum number of admitted participants by competition, it will depend on the date and the space. It is established generally speaking, a number not over the 450 participants per competition (in the case of events with different modalities celebrated in the same day, the number of participants in each modality will be added). As an exceptional case, for traditional and well-established competitions that number of participants might be exceeded but without surpassing the previous year figure.

8.It is mandatory the starting and ending points of the races are located in nucleus with available parking lots, hygiene facilities and even catering and supply services if necessary. Exceptionally, if the type of competition requires it, the starting and ending points could be located outer the urban centers; always with controlled departures or returns through a proper path to the initial points.

9. Guarantee bonds will be established in order to have effective control measures for the fulfillment of all the conditions stated in the sportive events authorization. The amount of those bonds has to be proportional to the repair cost of the space potential damage.  It has been established a total amount interval of 500€ - 3.000€, proportionally distributed among both Autonomous Communities, according with the settled procedure in each Administration. The bond should be adjusted to the number of participants and to the length of the competition stretch crossing the National Park. The breach of the conditions will entail not only the bond seizure but as well a complaint against the organizer with the application of the correspondent fine.


You may download the sportive competitions and events authorization application form in the Sierra de Guadarrama scope.


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