Solicitud para el acceso con autobús al Paraje de La Pedriza (aparcamiento de Canto Cochino)

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El acceso rodado al Paraje de La Pedriza se realiza a través de la pista forestal asfaltada del Monte de Utilidad Pública nº 163 denominado "La Camorza”, del cual la Comunidad de Madrid ostenta la propiedad y gestión. En virtud de ello, mediante Resolución de 26 de mayo de 2016 del Director General del Medio Ambiente, de la Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Administración Local y Ordenación del Territorio se restringió el tránsito de vehículos en el Paraje de La Pedriza a fin de regular la masiva afluencia de visitantes al mismo. Un año después, la experiencia adquirida indicó que era necesario establecer ligeras modificaciones, lo cual se hizo mediante la Resolución de 13 de julio de 2017 del Director General del Medio Ambiente, de la Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Administración Local y Ordenación del Territorio.

Por último, y con el fin de mejorar la regulación del uso público en dicho Paraje, mediante Resolución de 19 de marzo de 2018, del Director General del Medio Ambiente, de la Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Administración Local y Ordenación del Territorio, se restringe el tránsito de autobuses en el Paraje de La Pedriza, todo ello en desarrollo del punto tercero de la Resolución de 13 de julio de 2017, en el que se establece que en función de las necesidades de gestión del espacio se precisaría el número de autobuses que pueden acceder a La Pedriza, así como su estacionamiento.

Sportive Events Regulations Criteria

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The sportive events demand evolution in the Sierra de Guadarrama and especially in the National Park, has grown significantly in the last years. That is why The Management Administrations have considered necessary to agree a regulations framework previous to the one which will be established at the Usage and Management Master Plan (PRUG).

In order to encourage sports in a way compatible with the National Park conservation and visit quality, and in accordance with the current legislation, the Natural Parks Law, the National Parks Master Plan and the Natural Resources Ordination Plans, the following considerations are made:

Group Visit Application (Peñalara Massif)

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The scope of application of Master Plan for Use and Management (PRUG) of the Peñalara Natural Park, is the massif of Peñalara and its Peripheral Protected Area.

Since the old Peñalara Natural Park is part of National Park of Sierra de Guadarrama, (as provided for in law 7/2013, of 25 June, on Declaration of the National Park of Sierra de Guadarrama), the protection policy of Peripheral Protected Area corresponding to the old Peñalara Natural Park has currently an increased legal range. Therefore, the legal regime applicable to the visits of groups of more than 15 participants, will be the one referred to in articles number 24 and 25 of the PRUG.

For the bivouac, article number 38 of the PRUG provides for the necessity of an authorization for groups of more than 10 people, regardless of the zone to stay overnight (Peñalara massif or Peripheral Protected Area). It just makes distinction of the height dimension from which it is permitted, being 2,100 m in the Massif and Area I and 1,700 in Peripheral Protected Area. In both cases an authorization is required.

Therefore, the activities carried out under these parameters must be notified to: Centre of visitors Peñalara (Centro de Visitantes Peñalara), Phone 918-520-857 or the Regional Office for the Attention of the Local Population (Oficina Comarcal de Atención a la Población Local sector Lozoya) Phone 918 691 829, both belonging to the National Park of Sierra de Guadarrama.

Download rules (PDF file)

Download group visits application form

Download groups bivouacking form

Groups Usage of the Cross-Country Ski Trail Application (Los Cotos)

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In order to avoid the negative consequences might have the excessive concentration of cross-country ski practicing groups at Los Cotos Trail, and as well to gather data allowing to better knowing the groups activity extent, both the ones undertaken with lucrative purposes and the independent ones, the organized groups over 10 people require a previous authorization.

This measure aims to distribute and rationalize the winter recreation area, granting the enjoyment and recreation of all the citizens.

It is recommended to contact the Peñalara Visitors Center to confirm the date’s availability. An application form can be downloaded, where are specified the Legal Regulations and a Responsibility Declaration. Please complete it and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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