San Bartolomé Parish Church

Iglesia BasardillaIt is located at the center of Basardilla. Its construction is from the end of the 12th century or from the early 13th century. Its style is Romanesque and was built with masonry and stone ashlars in the noble areas. Its ground plan is rectangular, with a remarkable two semicircular apses head and facades with three archivolts, the exterior decorated with embossments and diamond tips, the central one with embossments and smooth the inner one. It was declared Good of Cultural Interest in 1994 (Bien de Interés Cultural-BIC). At the church surroundings is located its necropolis used from the mid 12th century until the 17th century. The existing burials are “bathtub” type or anthropomorphic. Among them two gravesites are remarkable, they are covered with unrefined flagstones, located close to the apse wall of the major chapel, and could belong to relevant individuals of the medieval Basardilla.

Virgen del Pedernal Chapel

It is located at the foot of the Sierra, on the hill called “El Guijo”. From that chapel enclave it is possible to sight Nuestra Señora de la Sierra Chapel (in Collado Hermoso) and Veladiez Chapel (in Espirdo). All together are known as “The Three Sisters”. It was in ruins until 1992, year when a restoring process was undertaken by the Virgin devotees. The previous Saturday before Whit Sunday, it is celebrated the Virgin of Pedernal Pilgrimage (Romería de la Virgen del Pedernal), when the pilgrims (“romeros”) carry on their shoulders the Virgin from the Parish Church to the Chapel.

Cattle Crush (Potro de Herrar)

It is a strongly built stall or cage for holding cattle, horses or other animals safely while they are shoed, marked, or given veterinary treatment. Nowadays it is disused, but well preserved and could be considered as an ethnographic element of the old times cattle.

The Council Stockyard (El Corral del Concejo)

Used at the old times to house abandoned cattle at the area and/or cattle contravening the rules related to lands forbidden for grazing.

The Calvary (El Calvario)

Integrated by 14 granite crosses, it was placed at the end of the 17th century or the early 18th century.

Pools to “boil” linen

They are located close to one of the branches of the San Medel ditch, from where they got the water used for the linen “boiling” and “maceration”, important activity at the area years ago, nowadays abandoned.

Malangosto Pass – Basardilla

Malangosto BasardillaIt had been during the Middle Age a very important communication path connecting both mesetas. It has become quite famous due to its acknowledgment in The Book of Good Love (El Libro del Buen Amor), from the Middle Age “Ministry of Clergy” (Mester de Clerecía) genre, where it is described El Arcipreste De Hita walk through that mountain pass and his encounter with La Chata, a sierra woman who asks him for the toll (“portazgo”) or passing tax.

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