Museo etnologico de ManzanaresIn some of the National Park Socioeconomic Influence Area villages there are very diverse museums, pictorial, tapestries, glass, ethnographic and archeological collections and ski diffusion.

Luis Feito Graphic Artwork Collection - Oteruelo (Rascafría)

Sala Luis FeitoHis family and affective relationship with Oteruelo del Valle induced Luis Feito to donate his neighbors an important amount of graphic artwork, in 2002. This was the initiation of the Luis Feito Collection. The Collection started with the following series: Peñalara, October, Camorritos, Pingarrón, some Beijing works and the named Rascafría and Oteruelo.

Composed by more than 150 artworks, the ensemble allows studying the artist pictorial evolution, because it covers all his graphic art path and is updated with the painter still in a full creative phase, new works. The collection is a sample of diverse techniques, prevailing the etching and the series dedicated to the Madrid March 11th attack victims. All of them are a very good sample of his maturity work, where red and black are the predominant colors and the geometric trend juxtaposes with an expressive gesture, leading to an intense manner to see reality, to understand emotions and to transmit vitality.

Museographic Collection of the Manzanares el Real Castle

Catillo de ManzanaresAn interpretive center has been recently created at the Castle, in the named “Shooting Gallery” (Galería de Tiro). This asset achieves a masterly environment for the elements settled in the information boards.

In the upper dependencies are presented different “museum” rooms with gorgeous tapestries and a paintings collection, modest but with a high interest.

Ethnographic and Archeological Collection – Manzanares el Real Culture House (Casa de la Cultura)

The Museum founded in 1992 has three rooms, two of them devoted to Ethnology and one to Archeology. There are also two areas devoted to cinema and old photography.

The Ethnology rooms offer a tour showing a yore house and the different activities that were made long ago in the village.

In the Archeology room are exposed different objects coming from sites close to the village.

Navacerrada Ethnographic Museum

It allows learning about the environment ecologic richness, the flora, the fauna, and the landscapes, through exhibitions and interactive options.

Paquito Fernández Ochoa Ski Museum - Cercedilla

Museo del esquíMuseographic Center promoting the diffusion of ski, High-Mountain sports, nature and the Sierra de Guadarrama environment.

Historic and actual objects, photography, art works, audiovisuals etc. are exposed, transmitting to all publics aspects related to ski, alpine sports, nature and the Madrid Sierra history and future. On the other hand are also exhibited all the trophies, pieces and documents relevant to the outstanding career of Francisco Fernández Ochoa, honoring his memory and his career, with all his life linked to the Sierra de Guadarrama and Cercedilla.

Navafría Drop Hammer (Martinete de Navafría)

Martinete de NavafríaEthnographic museum located at 1 km distance from the Navafría village center, at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama in the North Slope. It lodges a workroom to beat and mould cooper with a hydraulic energy drop hammer. It was built about 1850 and belongs to a large cooper tinkers dynasty. It has been declared as Good of Cultural Interest with Monument category (Bien de Interés Cultural- BIC) by the Castilla León Parliament (Decree 274/December 17th 1998). For more information, please contact the Museum web site.

La Granja Royal Palace Tapestries Museum - San Ildefonso

The museum is located at La Granja Royal Palace. Within its collections we should emphasize the Apocalypses Flemish series, Petrarch Victories (Los Triunfos de Petrarca) and the Honors and Virtues series (Honores y Virtudes), inspired in Goya cartoons. We should highlight as well the end of the 17th century Lucas Giordano paintings on crystal.

La Granja Glass Museum - San Ildefonso

Museo del vidrioThe Glass Museum is located at the old La Granja Crystal Royal Factory, emblematic building declared as Interest Cultural Good (Bien de Interés Cultural-BIC) by the Castilla León Parliament (Decree 134/ June 19th 1997). Nowadays it lodges the Glass Historians International Association Spanish Committee. It shows permanently an important collection and as well temporary exhibitions related to the proper Museum subject, “the Glass” and its different typologies, decorations, manufacturing processes and other important aspects. For more information, please contact the Museum web site.

Hunting Museum - Riofrío

Located at the Riofrío Royal Palace, in the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso municipal area, it shows the hunting historic evolution since prehistory until nowadays. We should emphasize the presence of numerous trophies, hunting related tapestries and paintings, particularly the ones made by Velázquez, Rubens and Synders among other. It is also very interesting to watch the dioramas made of different species in their natural habitats.

Segovia City Museums

Segovia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (declared in1985), located in the National Park Socioeconomic Influence Area, and accounting for a relevant cultural offer. For more information, please contact the Patronato de Turismo de Segovia web site.

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