Threaten flora species tracking

parcela seguimientoThe populations condition of certain flora threaten species is one of the National Park working lines. Even if we pretend to undertake tracking studies of a large part of the threaten species populations within the National Park territory, several species have been selected in a first wave as a priority after a previous assessment, and according to their presence in the Vascular Flora Spanish Red List, or in the Madrid Threaten Species Regional Catalogue with the A or B rate. The species we are working with at the moment are Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. confusus, Pinguicula grandiflora, Lycopodiella inundata, Utricularia minor, Senecio boissieri and Erysimum humile subsp. penyalarensis.

With that project we pretend to study the actual flora condition, in order to define its threat degree and to develop preservation measures according to its actual and real level.

After locating those species populations, we have undertaken the field data gathering starting with the ecologic behavior and the populations’ census, through direct counting or estimations, depending on the studied populations’ sizes. Additionally, data referred to reproductive and morphologic parameters related to the age of the plant are gathered. The obtained data start to release trends for some of the studied species, helping us to define their actual preservation condition.

In the same way as for the Fauna Tracking, it has been also designed for mobile devices (Android) an application for the singular flora atlas; compiling data of several threaten species. The objective of that module is to obtain the maximum possible data on the threaten species populations localization, through the Forests Guards and the technical staff of the National Park.


lycopiella inundata
narcissus pseudonarcissus
senecio boissieri